Below you will find our national and international client portfolio which covers a broad spectrum of industries and client requirements, including funding via traditional lending and by other means. Each section contains a brief resume of the work undertaken including consultancy, either during the course of a specific project or in the long-term.


Casepak – UK – Consultancy and Funding

We assisted the board in deriving a strategy for funding of their new recycling plant at Braunstone Frith. This is the largest privately-owned materials recycling facility in the UK and specialises in recycling municipal solid waste.


CEMA Group Ltd – UK – Consultancy

Advice to board on management and board restructuring. Assisted board with development in to new market sectors, namely renewables. Liase with a number of external companies to build agency and sales relationships in diversified market sectors.


Gym Bug – UK – Funding for acquisition

Arranged funding for Cambridgeshire based leisure group to acquire Gym Bug Limited gymnasium and leisure assets.


High Cohesion – UK – Consultancy

Assistance with corporate governance and grant research for the high tech software developer and consultancy business.


Hubl – UK – Consultancy & Funding

Assisted with corporate governance, due diligence for short gap funding for this green logistics company.


FourFour – UK – Consultancy and Funding

Assisting and producing the business plan for funding of the regions foremost disk jockey academy, enabling students from a starting position to those who want to hone their skills more professionally. Created quarter funding and British Business Bank.

Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum – UK – Testimonial & Funding

“Graham‘s hard work and dedication resulted in significant savings for our museum. His professionalism and perseverance enabled us to refinance our existing debt, favourably. The new arrangement also provides a flexible drawdown facility which can be repaid early and will be useful when essential repairs crop up.

Graham truly demonstrated his abilities by taking the time to get to know us and work with us to develop an innovative finance solution for our multi-award-winning museum, where you can still find the framework knitters’ working and living conditions perfectly preserved.”

Dennis Jones, Trustee, Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum.


Victre – UK – Consultancy & Funding

Assisting Victre, a wind turbine development agency. In the construction of an ‘information memorandum’ for onward funding of wind turbine developments.

City Centre Nursery

The City Nursery – Leicestershire – Refinancing

City centre children’s nursery

Domestic Cleaning Company

Domestic Cleaning Company – Nottinghamshire – Funding

Assistance with funding for new head office premises.


Agraferm Technologies – Germany germany

In early 2014 we were appointed as Agraferm’s UK corporate consultant, working closely with them until 2016 when they cut back their presence in the UK due to the EU referendum. Our duties included forming an interface between land agents, farmers and land owners. In addition, we facilitated meetings between our client and various government departments such as the environment agency, DEFRA, NRA and ADAS.

Presently, we continue to share a mutual interest in the development of anaerobic digestion in the UK for both electric to grid and gas to grid projects.


Triogen – Netherlands netherlands

In 2012, Triogen was looking to enter the UK market with their newly developed mid-scale Organic Rankin Cycle. Early attempts to engage had been unsuccessful but in our discussions with Triogen, CMM was able to identify an opportunity to develop an asset finance proposition for UK customers. From there we created an information memorandum which we presented to the UK asset finance sector and were able to secure a provision from a major player in the market. This has enabled Triogen to build a multi million-pound customer base in the UK. It is also a sound example of CMM’s ability to contribute in an innovative consultancy role that embraces our extensive experience in commercial finance.

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Schmack Biogas – Germany Germany

This German supplier of biogas plants is part of the Viessmann Group and CMM had been informally engaged as consultants on developments in the UK market.

BINOWA Gmbh – Germany Germany

Specialising in the installation of turnkey biogas plants as well as systems and services for wastewater treatment plants BINOWA is active in international markets including the UK where CMM had been engaged to assist in writing a sales information memorandum for future development.

Weltech Bio Power – Germany Germany

Assistance in development of a Northern Ireland anaerobic digestor plant – Drumrusk.

BTS Bioenergy

BTS Bioenergy – Italy Italy

Assisting sales force with perspective funding of their UK projects.