Below you will find a list of our work in progress. This is not exhaustive, but is aimed to provide the reader with a flavour of the type of projects we get involved in. This covers both national and international client businesses covering a broad spectrum of industries and client requirements including funding via traditional lending and by other means. Each section contains a brief resume of the work undertaken including consultancy.

Hydro Scheme – West of England – Funding

To obtain funding for project.

Eco Housing Developer – Nottinghamshire – Consultancy

Assisting new developer enterprise with consultancy for government assisted funding.

Renewable Energy Manufacturer – West Midlands – Consultancy

Funding lines for future clients.

Wood Recycling Plant – Berkshire – Consultancy & Funding

Assisting with strategic direction and long term funding.

Waste to Energy Company – Berkshire – Consultancy & Funding

Consultancy for due diligence for future funding for client base.