We all have preferred patterns of behaviour, partly nature and partly nurture. The way we talk and take action, our focus on relationships or results are ways in which we show our preferred social style.

Our style has an impact on everyone we interact with socially or at work, and it directly affects the way that other people see us. The effect may be positive or negative, depending on whether our style matches or clashes with others’. The Social Style model defines these patterns of behaviour and offers techniques for creating productive relationships with people of any style.
This training is an eye-opening and potentially life changing experience, transforming the way that we see ourselves and others, and opening up new opportunities for the way we interact with others socially and at work.

An international corporate client was experiencing difficulties in communication within and across teams which were working in different areas of the business and in different geographical regions. Social Styles training enabled them to understand why it was hard for some people and groups to work together effectively and provided them with the insight and skills to make a positive difference in their behaviours and outcomes.

I have been identified by TRACOM as Certified in SOCIAL STYLE and deliver TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE programs.

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