Property Finance is one of the most straight-forward types funding products in essence it is a secured business loan secured against a property asset.

The amount of loan that you can secure will be dependent on a number of factors the quality of the asset (for instance it’s state of repair) and current value.

The financial well-being and profitability of your company and the affordability to repay the loan.

A deposit will be required, the amount of this deposit will depend be dependent on a number of factors such as if you are an existing sitting tenant in the property.

The loan can be short-term in nature such as bridging property finance, helping you move quickly to secure property at a possible discount.

All the loan can be arranged over the medium to long term, dependent on circumstances this can be as long as 30 years.

The loan structure can be made to fit the applicant circumstances using a number of different financial instruments such as variable or fixed rates or a mixture of both.

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