Parallax View – definition – the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appear to differ when viewed from different positions. And what has that to do with our work? Here’s an example of what we can achieve.

In our consultancy role we were approached by a client seeking a development loan to purchase a second site, freehold. A straightforward commercial property loan required? No, and here are the reasons why. The client’s existing site was more valuable than the proposed new site, so after in-depth discussions we advised the company to purchase the freeholds of its existing site and the proposed second site, simultaneously. This strategy allowed for increased leverage on site two because the deposit requirement shrank dramatically (combined purchase required 10% of capital; stand-alone second site 30% of capital). At the same time, the value and spread of the company’s assets increased and the door to more favourable interest rates opened, given that a better LTV had been achieved.

The need for a straightforward commercial mortgage may exist but “when viewed from different positions” a much more beneficial solution can emerge. While there are no absolutes, our focus is always to establish a well-rounded view of any project in which we are engaged.

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