Leadership and Management Skills training may sound vague, but without really good leadership and management skills no organisation can function effectively. It is surprising how many businesses try to get by without training their key people, many of whom have been promoted through the ranks. They may know the job or the technical details well but they may have no idea about leading, managing and motivating a team of people.

This sort of training is about getting the best performance out of yourself and your team at whatever level and whatever the challenges.

It is about identifying and focusing on your goals so that you can set them realistically and achieve them in a timely and efficient way.

It is about planning and prioritising your tasks, managing your time and delegating effectively.

It involves developing your own skills of self-motivation so that you can create the same skills in your team, whilst dealing with difficult people and conflicts. Perhaps most of all it is about effective communication, without which no leadership or management can take place.

One international oil and gas company, with which I worked for many years, understood the importance of good leadership and management training. They set up a rolling programme of training for their up and coming national employees to give them the skills they needed to work effectively in an international environment. The results spoke for themselves, with many of those in the training cohorts moving up rapidly through the organisation and combining their hands-on experience with the skills necessary to bring about growth and development in the business.

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